Established in 1959, the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church, Inc. located in Dunn, North Carolina is an icon in the Christian world with hundreds of churches and ministers ready to serve you. The Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church is a Full Service church organization that offers complete ministry. Located just off Interstate 95 in Dunn, North Carolina is the PFWB Resource Center, our mail headquarters building, and Heritage Bible College, our fully accredited four year Bible college. Also located on our property is Crusader Youth Camp, our fully functional camp facility.


The Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church is a Full Service Christian organization offering a variety of ministries for every member of the family and every segment of society. Our main ministry departments are World Witness (Missions), Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Discipleship Ministries, and Family Life Ministries. As a denomination, we provide a covering for all clergy and churches of the PFWB. Located just off I-95 near Dunn, NC The Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church also operates Heritage Bible College, a four year fully accredited Bible college, and  Crusader Youth Camp, a fully functional campground. Two major annual events sponsored by the PFWB are the Arby Carter Memorial Lectures in February and the Annual Campmeeting in July, both on the campus of Heritage Bible College.



The Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church has works in 9 different foreign fields. Below is a list of World Witness projects the National Leaders of U.S. Appointed Missionaries have given to us. Please pray and give much this year to help us promote MISSIONS in our fields of labor. Your church may want to accept the challenge of an entire project or make a contribution toward a project. You can donate as much as you feel called to.

To donate, just click on the “Donate Now” button below, enter the amount, choose World Witness Projects from the drop down box, and then you can specify which project you would like to give to in the Optional Memo field or leave it blank as a general donation to the Missions department.

To donate over the phone, you may contact the World Witness Department at 1-888-668-9362 or (910)892-4161 to donate over the phone.

To donate by check, please make all checks payable to World Witness Department, P.O. Box 1568, Dunn, NC 28335. Thank you for your help and God bless you. Note: There are several other projects not listed, please call the office for a complete list of projects. Thank you for your contribution to our Missions. God Bless!



Philippines (Southern Division)
Make a Donation to the Southern Philippines mission
Church Addition to expand the church in Cebu. $600
New Youth Camp $3000
Suzuki 4 Wheel Drive Pickup in Cebu $1500
Suzuki 4 Wheel Drive Pickup in Davao City $1500
Suzuki 4 Wheel Drive Pickup in Palawan $1500
Drumset in Palawan $460
Plastic Chairs in Davao City $120
Sponsor a student at La Roca Christian Schools $15 per month

Philippines (Northern Division)
Make a Donation to the Northern Philippines mission
 URGENT CHURCH BUILDING PROJECTS – Click here for more details…


BAGUIO CITY PFWB CHURCH BUILDING – Sarok, Camp 7 – Need help in raising the funds to finish this building.  Baguio is a very important area for evangelism and the church is located in an area to make a big impact for the Kingdom.  Needs include funds to help with the roof (approx $2000); windows, doors, walls for the sanctuary, pews and other furnishings ($4000). $6000
Sponsor a student at Ramon Christian School $10 per month
Ramon Christian School Any amount is appreciated
Children’s Christian School Students: There are many young poor students that could use financial assistance with Children’s Christian School in both the Northern Philippines works as well as in the Southern Philippines. $10/month goes a LONG way to help provide a quality Christian-based education to a young person who might not otherwise get an opportunity. 33 cents per day… Imagine that! Any amount is appreciated
Kitchen Area Repairs $600
8 steel windows for church in Calaoa-An, Candon City $1,125
Church building in Bagong Sikat – San Emilio Church $2000
Harvesters Bible Academy in the NORTHERN PHILIPPINES for various projects and repairs
District Headquarters Office—located at Harvesters Campus: – As with all organizations, office space is vital to plan and coordinate works. There is still a need of about $3000 to finish the district offices. It’s a very worthy project! $3000
Computer & Projector for training, meetings and student activities (Harvesters):Preferably a laptop and 1500-2000 lumen projector. This will be used in the main sanctuary at Harvesters Bible Academy for training seminars, etc. Approx cost: $700 for laptop and $800 for projector. $1500
Basic Repairs of Sanctuary and Buildings of Harvesters: Wooden eaves of sanctuary are very deteriorated and need to be replaced and painted; general painting of many of the buildings; chain link fence for dorm areas. $600
Recreational Area repairs and items:Repair of student basketball court, new nets and backboards; recreational items such as basketballs, horseshoes, volleyball; badminton rackets and birdies; intramural team shirts; benches for sitting areas outside the dorms. (NOTE: Harvesters competes in annual Inter-Bible Colleges Sports Competition and currently are the reigning champions among all the bible colleges participating) $500
Sidewalks: Need sidewalks poured from edge of entrance to bible college going to the dorms and then to the chapel and also from the Staff cottages to the kitchen area. Also, from the boys and girls dormitory to the shower rooms. These areas are very flooded during the rainy season and the sidewalks would allow students and staff to get around without walking through a lot of mud. $700
Kitchen Area Repairs: Add additional lighting; cabinets need to be installed; walls need painting; Student store repairs – includes painting; shelving; storage area, ceiling fans in areas. $600
Air Conditioning for Sanctuary: 4 upright air conditioners to be installed in the main sanctuary. These will be used for national conferences and district fellowship when attendance is standing room only. Temperatures in Candon, PI reach upwards of 105 degrees F! This would be a great blessing for the attendees to make the meetings more comfortable. $2500
Computer Room and Library upgrades:2 additional desktop computers; networking to library computers; painting of rooms; building of cubicle work stations for computers. The computers and internet access is available to all students for learning purposes and to all PFWB ministers for email access. Our goal is to teach pastors how to use the internet and increase communication with USA churches. $1000
Mattresses in the boys’ dorm at Harvesters
Sponsor a student at Harvesters Bible Academy $10
per month

Make a Donation to the Venezuela Mission
Balance for land purchase for Church de Valle de la Pascua $1695
Bathroom construction and repairs for the Faith Church $300
Used or New Outboard Motors in operating condition

Make a Donation to the Nigeria Mission
Build two rooms onto two churches as places for their pastors to live and minister. $2000
Keyboard (piano) for Egbo Church $200
Amplifier for Otukutu Church $400
Land Needed for Edrokpe Church* $800
Land Needed for Ekekpamre Church* $1,000
Church Bus Needed for Evangelism $6,000
*These items are for our two new churches planted this year.

Make a Donation to the Guatemala Mission
Childrens Ministries $2000
Painting a Church $1500
Activity/Party for leaders
(including Study Bible for each leader)
Finish construction at Canalitos Church Any amount
Changing the tin on 2 churches Any amount
100 Chairs $1200
Rent $240
Water $900
Purchase some land to build a church $20,000
An Amplifier for the Church $300
Build third story on Alameda Norte Church for multipurpose use $10,000

Costa Rica
Make a Donation to the Costa Rica Mission
New Missions Vehicle – The one currently used is constantly in need of repair. They are hoping to sell the old vehicle and have faith that God will provide a new vehicle which has a price of approximately $28,000. Any help that we can give for this cause will be greatly appreciated. A working vehicle is vital to the ministry in Costa Rica. $28,000
Church Centro de Avivamiento de Ticaban de Guapiles, Limon –

This church, has moved to a bigger property and are building a new building. They need help buying material.

Church of Santa Rosa, in Santa Rosa of Guapiles, Limon –

This church is gathering in a house and now they want to construct in a property that they are going to be donated and they need help to begin construction.

Church el Redentor Vive, localized in Cipreses of Curridabat, San Jose –

This church is one of our pioneer churches in the PFWB organization. They have gathered in the second floor of a house and they need to buy property to construct in.


House Repairs –

Bought a house next to the church Templo de Alabanza Jesucristo es el Señor, localized Roxana of Guapiles, Limon. The pastor lives in it, but it is terribly damaged and all woodwork needs to be changed.


Church Repairs –

The church Pentecostes Bautista is the first PFWB church built in Costa Rica. It is very damaged now in all the woodwork, and in need of much repair. Some property was bought and they also want to build classrooms for Sunday School there.


Help Building Warehouse-

The church in San Julian, localized in San Julian from Puerto Viejo of Sarapiqui, needs help to start building a warehouse so they can gather in the property that they own.


Church Building-

The church in in Penjamo of Sarapiqui, recently began and they are very enthusiastic. They want to build in the property they actually own.

Any Amount

Church Expansion –

of Church in Jardin de Zapote of Puerto Viejo of Sarapiqui. This church is growing fast and needs to expand.


Make a Donation to the Nicaragua Mission
Monte Sion – Church Construction in Mateare/Managua $3000
Puertas del cielo – Church Construction in Departamento Matagalpa $3500
Jesucristo es el camino – Church Construction in Departamento Carazo $3500
Santidad a Jehová Nº 2 – Church Construction in San Rafael del Sur $3500
Jesucristo es la respuesta – Purchase of Land in Departamento Carazo $2500
Vida Abundante – Church Construction in Diriamba / Carazo $3000
Fuente la Roca – Purchase of Land in Diriamba / Carazo $2000
Génesis – Purchase of Land in Jinotepe / Carazo $3000

Make a Donation to the Mexico Mission
Roof for Liberty Church $4000
Roof for Church on Top of the Hill (Upper Room) $2000

Church Planting

Make a General Donation to Church Planting
Bridge of Life Community Church
Gum Branch PFWB Church
Harvesters Fellowship
Hatchers Chapel PFWB Church
Hope PFWB Church
Hosanna Fellowship
House of Grace
Living Stones Family Church
New Christian Life Church
Redemption PFWB Church
Refuge PFWB Church
Rosewood Worship Center
Shining Light Ministries
Solid Rock Ministries
South River Community Church
The Eagles Nest
The Journey Church
Victory Community Church